Peer Review

Peer - Review is a very important stage of the process of publishing academic work, is the core system. It acts as a filter to ensure that only quality papers are published.

Making peer-review

Each manuscript is read initially by one of the editors and then by the editor-in-chief. Depending on the topic addressed, the article is seen by one of the specialized members composing Editorial Advisory Board or by an agreed expert. During the entire review process, the reviewer's identity is confidential in relation to the author. The reviewer analyzes each paper under following criteria:

  1. Relevance - complies the article with journal topics?
  2. Originality - the article is sufficiently new and interesting to warrant publication?
  3. The scientific level - meet the article journal standards?
  4. Clarity - is the article presented/displayed clearly?

After the evaluation, the reviewer will assign to the article one of the recommendations:

  1. Accepted without objections
  2. Accepted with observations
  3. Rejected
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